Aeroplane Travel with Pets

Here on this entertaining site, you are going to become well informed about travelling with pets on aeroplanes. This is not just restricted to cats and dogs. Many other types of pets, which includes exotic animals, can now fly with their owners. However, most of the airlines that allow this will have some rules and regulations about it.

This site is dedicated to those pet owners who want to relocate their pets either permanently or temporarily. The focus is being placed on air travel for pets. This is a topic which not too many pet owners are totally familiar with. For this reason, we hope this site becomes an excellent resource for these pet owners.

Air Travel for the Household Pet

We have an extensive section here which covers the basics of air travel for common pets such as dogs and cats. We also have some excellent information about this for owners of birds and exotic animals, who want to relocate their pets through flying.

Pet Safety

Pet safety is going to be a priority for the owner, as well as the airlines. The information which we have gathered here concerning this will be something that you can rely on when you are preparing your pet for air travel.


No matter what area of the plane the pet will be housed in during the flight, they will have to be crated. There are several posts here dedicated to this topic because it is such an important one.

Hopefully, you will find this site to be a great resource as a pet owner.