Safety Tips for Air Travel for Your Pet

Pet owners often have concerns about travelling with their pet if it includes air travel. In most cases, this can be done quite safely. There are a few steps which can be taken to ensure the safety of the pet.

Preparing the Pet

Making the flight as pleasant for the animal as possible, is one of the first steps to keeping them safe. If the pet is used to being in the car in their carrier, then this is much easier, as they are already accustomed to this. A lot of dog owners will often take their dogs with them in the car, allowing them to sit in the back seat. These particular animals may not be used to being in a carrier. This could cause a stressful situation for them when it comes to the time for their flight.

Make sure that the pet is thoroughly familiarised with the same cage which they will be in for their flight.

The Proper Carrier

It is essential to know what regulations are in place by the airlines for the type of carriers which will be accepted. If the pet is going to travel in the cargo area, the carrier should be labelled with large words stating “Live Animal”. It may seem obvious that if it is a pet carrier that there would be a pet in it. However, it might be assumed that this is not the case and that the carrier is being transported empty.

Check with the Vet

Another safety step is to check with the pet if any additional steps need to be taken to keep it safe during travel. Some pets are highly strung, and the vet may suggest giving it a light sedative before the trip. Or, if they tend to suffer from motion sickness, they may need some anti-nausea medication to help them through the flight.