What Risks Are Your Pets Facing with Air Travel?

Making the necessary arrangements to take your pet with you on your flight may cause you some concerns as to the risks of this. There could be some, and being aware of them will help you make some informed decisions.

Health Risks

The health risks which may be present will depend on a few factors. The first one will be on the health of the animal that will be doing the travelling. Most animals that are going to be taking a flight will be required to have a health certificate. In some cases, the pet may have some health conditions that would put them at risk for flying. The pet owner should check with the veterinarian about this. There may be some health problems the pet has, but the vet can prescribe some medications to help them through their flight in a safer manner.

Condition Risks

Every airline is different. This means that their cargo area is different, and some of these may not have a good atmosphere for the animals which have to travel in this section of the plane. It can be very noisy in this area and temperatures may not be stable. These are potential situations that can cause stress for some animals, making it unsafe for their health. The way to reduce this risk is by doing some research about the airline and their track record for pet transport.

Loss of Pets

Another possible risk is the loss of the pet if they have been transported as cargo, just as there are occasions when luggage is lost. A way to prevent this is to make sure the pet has good identification on them, such as an ID tag which has the pet owners phone number. Even better, is to have a microchip placed in the pet by the vet.

Although there are some risks, these can be significantly reduced with proper attention.