How to Prepare Birds or Fish for Air Travel

While the most common animal which travels by aeroplane is a cat or dog, there are plenty of pet owners who want to take their birds or fish with them. It is not just as simple as showing up at the airport with your feathered friend or fish and taking your seat on the plane with them.

Contact the Airlines

Well before you even book your flight with an airline, find out what their policy is, in regards to having birds or fish as passengers. You will also want to know, if they do, will this pet be flying in the cabin, or taken on as cargo? Many airlines will allow for the transporting of pets in the cabin. However, they will restrict this to two pets per flight, which means you will have to make a reservation for your pet. Once you have researched an airline which is going to accommodate your pets needs, then you can book your own reservation.

If the airline is willing to accommodate the fish, then there will probably be rules as to the volume of water they will have to be contained in. You will want to be sure that your fish will be able to survive that type of environment. For example, beta fish can survive in small amounts of water for a limited time.


If you are travelling with a bird, you will need to have a cage which is approved by the airlines. In most cases, these are cages that can be slid under the seat in front of you. If this isn’t going to work, because of the size of the bird, then you need to pay for the seat beside you.

It is not likely you will need a health clearance for your fish, but most likely you will for your bird.