How to Prepare Your Dog or Cat for Air Travel

Both of these familiar animals are common household pets. When it comes to their nature, they do have some similarities, but there are also many different characteristics. They will both need to be prepared for air travel if they are being relocated.

Using a Carrier

You will want to secure your cat or dog safely during the entire transportation process. This will likely begin with the trip from home to the airport. Your pet will need to be contained in a secure carrier during the flight. Make sure you familiarise them with their carrier at least a few days before travel. This way, it will be one less thing which they need to deal with during the trip.

The Regulations

As the pet owner, you will have to check with the company to find out what the regulations are, which will allow your pet to fly with their airlines. In most cases, the regulations will state that you will need to present a certificate of health from your local veterinarian.

Vet Preparation

It may undoubtedly be a good idea to have the vet do a regular checkup of your pet, to ensure that it is in good health and able to travel. All of their vaccinations should be up to date.


There have been rare circumstances when pets have become misplaced at the airport. Ensuring that your pet has the proper identification on them is a good step. You may want to think about having a microchip inserted into them as one form of identification. Another thing is having a tag secured to their collar with their name, your name and your cell phone number.

Arrival and Departure

Depending on the policies of the airport, you may be required to remove the pet from the carrier for identification purposes when going through check-in.