How to Choose the Right Travel Crate for Air Travel

Anyone who has not had the exciting experience of relocating a pet through air travel has some important things to learn about this.


More pet owners are now beginning to take their animals with them, even if they are just going on a vacation. A lot of people are starting to discover that air travel for pets is more common than what they may have realised.

Using a Travel Crate

One of the demands which will be made by the airlines is that the pet is transported in a travel crate. There will be some specifications concerning the crate that will have to be met. Each airline will have its own policy as to what types of travel crates may have to be used. Most likely the crates will have to be IATA compliant. At least this will be the case for dogs. Owners of other types of pets, such as birds or exotic animals, will need to find out what the specific rules are for the travel crates that will be used for that particular animal.

Buying the Right Travel Crate

Pet owners cannot assume that the regulations for the travel crate are the same for every airline. Some will insist that the container be ventilated on every side, or that it has no wheels, and it has a spring loaded lock on the door. Then, there may also be a stipulation that the crate is a specific size. Knowing beforehand exactly what the rules are for the crate, will make it a lot easier when arriving at the airport and checking the animal in.

Aside from the mandatory specifications for the crate, pet owners will want to choose one they feel is going to provide the most comfort for their animal. This means they will want a container which allows the pet to stand, sleep and turn around comfortably.