Why Travel Crates for Pets are Important

Most experienced pet owners are well aware of the advantages of having pet crates. Although for those who are going to be travelling with their pets, they may not be aware that not all pet crates are suitable for this.

Air Travel Crates

Many airlines will allow animals to be transported in their aeroplanes. There will be specific policies and regulations in place concerning this. These may differ from one airline to another.

In some cases, the pet will be allowed to travel in the cabin near their owner. In other cases, the pet may have to go in the cargo area. In any case, no matter what, the animal will have to be appropriately crated.

Why Do Pets Have to Be Crated?

There are several reasons why airlines will insist on a pet being crated during the flight. One of the reasons is for the safety of the pet. Many pets are anxious about being on the plane. They may not like being with the other passengers. It is a strange environment for them. Also, there could be turbulence. All of these circumstances support the need for the pet to be in a carrier.

Another reason is for the comfort of the other passengers. Not everyone likes pets, and they may not be too keen on pets not being contained in the cabin.

Some pets are so highly strung that their owners may not be able to hold onto them properly if they are nervous, and there is a risk the pet could get away from them, and be loose in the cabin.

If the pet is being transported in the cargo area, then no pet owner would be happy with them roaming about in this area. Again the proper crate is a big priority. Not to mention that no airlines would allow a pet to be free in this area anyway.